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  • Every day is a challenge – so you need to constantly be on your toes. Those are the words of entrepreneur Tomas Kull, who has spent the past ten years building his Swedish e-commerce success MatHem.

    It all started with an idea: an idea which one of the biggest competitors in the business laughed at. But no matter the opinions of the world. Tomas Kull never doubted his idea. Instead he worked hard – and succeeded. MatHem is now aiming to reach an annual revenue of 10 billion SEK.

    Tomas Kull predicts that the online sales of groceries will grow tremendously the coming years. In ...

  • Are you having trouble recruiting the skills you need? You’re not the only one. Today, a growing number of organizations are finding developers externally – but there are pitfalls to watch for.

    One of the biggest pitfalls when entering an outsourcing cooperation with a new partner is getting stuck in heavy, bureaucratic contracts. The point with a contract is of course to ensure that the supplier follows through with what you have agreed upon. As a CTO, it can be appealing to regulate all details in the contract, but a contract with too much detail can lock the process and cause a lo...

  • Indpro has become Certified Partner of the e-commerce framework Ucommerce – and six of our developers are now certified in Ucommerce for Umbraco.

    Bobby Spencer is project manager at Indpro and the person responsible for the certifications.

    Tell us Bobby, why does Indpro choose to work with Ucommerce?

    “Because Ucommerce is a very flexible and scalable framework that allows us to build complex, customized web shops. Many clients want to connect their e-commerce channel with other systems such as ERPs, CRM and PIMs. Ucommerce enables this, it is a very integration friendly...

  • The IoT-technology of Fortum and Info24 is coming to India! The government owned Indian construction company NBCC has signed an agreement with Fortum regarding the development of an infrastructure with charging stations for electric vehicles across India. A pilot with 150 charging stations will be rolled out in Delhi over the coming 12-18 months.

    The technology behind this is the IoT-system Tingco – which Indpro’s developers have built together with our client Info24, today a part of Fortum.

    “It’s incredibly satisfying to see something that we built over the years come back to...

  • Watch video of how it works here