• “Communication is more important than code” – on our methodology for global IT deliveries

    Henrik Melchander

    Swedes often express themselves quite softly. Instead of clearly stating how we want things done, we might phrase it: “It would be good if you did it this way.” 
    Do you agree? Perhaps you even recognize yourself in this? 

    I know I do. And that’s why we always include Swedish technical project managers in the start of every project. Our experience tells us that this minimizes the risk of misunderstandings.

    Because the most important thing in our deliveries is not how good code we write. The most important thing is that we have understood what the client wants. It doesn’t matter how robust a solution is, if the product delivered is not what the client orderered.

    Please download my report – currently only available in Swedish – where I talk about how we work with global IT deliveries and distributed teams. And how we create a mutual understanding between client and developers.

  • Watch video of how it works here