• Flat hierarchy and good communication – that’s why Devi Nagaraja has worked 6 years at Indpro

    Devi Nagaraja has worked with Indpro, in the same project, for almost six years now.

    “What I like best about Indpro is that you can talk to anyone in the company”, she says.

    As Indpro has a Swedish corporate culture with a flat organization, we are much less hierarchal than Indian or American companies usually are.

    “You can contact anyone in the company who knows the technology, and they will help. There is no hesitation, and that’s the best part of Indpro. It’s a friendly environment”, Devi says.

    During her time at Indpro, Devi has learnt a lot – not only in coding, but also how to handle clients, managers, and her juniors.

    Her team has a routine for communicating with their client where they use Jira as a project tool, and Slack for daily communication. Every day the team members inform the client, and each other, what they will be working on during the day.

    Communication comes first

    “Twice per month we have our sprint planning”, Devi explains. “The client sends us the tasks in the morning, and we assess the time required for each task, and list any doubts and what requirements need clarification. By 4 o’clock our time we have a meeting with the client where we clear all doubts.”

    Any questions from the client or the team after that is brought up on Slack.

    In Devi’s mind, there is no doubt as to what is most important for a successful co-operation:

    “A good communication is the most important thing in a project. You need to clear any doubts and get answers to your questions”, Devi says.

  • Watch video of how it works here