• Indpro developers join kick-off in Skåvsjöholm – here’s their story

    The members of Team I standing by an ice covered lake.

    A resort, a development team and a handball player ­– our Indpro/OP5 team, Team I, are back in Bangalore after two weeks in Sweden visiting our client OP5 and joining the OP5 kick-off.

    OP5 is a client that we have a really close co-operation with, and they view Team I as an integral part of their development department. During the two weeks in Sweden, Team I has worked mostly out of the Gothenburg office, but also visited Kista/Stockholm office and attended the OP5 kick-off. Here’s the team’s own report from the kick-off.

    Team I, one of three development teams

    Our client OP5 has three development teams: one located in Gothenburg, one located in Kista/Stockholm, and one Indpro team in Bangalore with four members. The Indpro team, called Team I, visits OP5 in Sweden annually. This year was the second time the Team I visit coincided with the OP5 annual kick-off, where OP5 employees from all offices meet each other. It was a three day kick-off, held at a nice resort called Skåvsjöholm which is around one hour drive from Stockholm.


    Day 1

    This day was only for the three development teams. All the OP5 developers from different teams (Gothenburg, Kista/Stockholm and Bangalore) interacted with each other, shared their knowledge and tried to resolve each other’s developmental challenges. The meetings were driven by OP5s CTO Martin Bergek and went really well. There were small tasks with cross team formation which were really good as we got opportunity to learn from each other.

    Day 2

    OP5 higher level management of different verticals spoke about the company’s performance over last year, road map for future and some strategies for the employees. The most memorable part was the speech by external speaker Claes Hellgren (retired Swedish National Handball Player and former Olympian). It was very inspiring to learn from him about ONE TEAM.

    Team Indpro at OP5 kick-off

    Day 3

    It was a half day kick-off with board members sharing their vision and expectations of OP5. The kick-off was closed after a Q&A session.

    Other than the usual meetings, there were a lot of fun activities and good Swedish food and drinks served at different times.

    Team I –  Pankaj, Sidhartha, Ramesh and Devesh 

  • Watch video of how it works here