EPIserver developers

Do you find it hard to recruit Episerver specialists?

Episerver is one of the leading CMS platforms. It’s a powerful system, it’s easy to work with and easy to develop for. But there is a lack of skilled developers.

If you need to strengthen your team we can help you:

  • Develop your platform.
  • Migrate an existing system to a newer version.
  • Implement Episerver as your new platform.

We have several years of experience developing in Episerver and we’ve handled many different versions, from version 5 and forward.

We have competence both in Episerver CMS&Marketing and in Commerce.

With experience from migrating large systems to newer versions, we are familiar with the challenges such a shift brings. We know that you need to stay cool to keep all data intact. And we understand the importance of making sure all functionality is migrated into the new version. We know that it’s vital not to miss the parts that need new development, since old functionality is not always supported in the new version.

We offer two models of cooperation:

  • On a project basis.
  • Dedicated teams of specialists that develop your platform.

Regardless of which model you chose, our pricing is always transparent.

We have helped many satisfied clients develop their digital business – feel free to browse our client cases for a selection. But we also have experience in functioning as a subcontractor for agencies that develop solutions for others. We have built solutions in Episerver for leading Swedish web agencies.