Need developers skilled in React?

At Indpro, we work with the latest Javascript frameworks for our front-end development. Naturally, we have expertise in both React and Angular.

Facebook’s Javascript library React is extremely popular, but it’s also relatively new – which makes competition high for developers with the right skills. Google’s Angular has previously dominated, but React is now the rising star. To meet the increasing demand, we at Indpro have built our expertise and are able to offer developers with the right skills.

Why work with React?
Working with a Javascript library is wise, as it makes your developing work more efficient and allows for easier creation of dynamic web pages and mobile apps.

To choose a Javascript library that is big and popular is also smart. A large user base means that bugs quickly surface and are fixed.

It’s also positive that Facebook, a big corporation with a lot of muscle, stands behind it. This means that a lot of resources are dedicated to developing the library, and it means that it will likely stay relevant for several years to come.

At Indpro, we have eleven years’ experience in web development and mobile app development. We also have experience from several client projects using the React framework.
You are most welcome to get in touch with us for a chat on what we could do together.