• The MatHem entrepreneur opted for global IT deliveries

    Tomas Kull

    Every day is a challenge – so you need to constantly be on your toes. Those are the words of entrepreneur Tomas Kull, who has spent the past ten years building his Swedish e-commerce success MatHem.

    It all started with an idea: an idea which one of the biggest competitors in the business laughed at. But no matter the opinions of the world. Tomas Kull never doubted his idea. Instead he worked hard – and succeeded. MatHem is now aiming to reach an annual revenue of 10 billion SEK.

    Tomas Kull predicts that the online sales of groceries will grow tremendously the coming years. In Sweden today, only just over one percent of the market for groceries is bought online.

    “In 30-40 years from now, more than 90 per cent will be sold online”, Tomas says. “People want to save time and have fresh food, without spending hours every week running in stores.”

    We’ve had the privilege of working with MatHem since the beginning. They’ve obtained a long experience in working with global teams of developers. Indpro’s consultants function as a part of MatHem’s own IT department and work on-site and off-site periodically.

    Download our report on MatHem (only available in Swedish) – where you can read interviews with CEO Tomas Kull and CTO Fredrik Sewén! Tomas Kull also shares his best advice for successful entrepreneurship.

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