• “IT is a passion”, says Archana D.G., Android developer

    Archana D.G., Android developer

    “IT is a passion – and it is personal growth, too.” Those are the words of Archana D. G, Android developer at Indpro.

    As a student, Archana’s dream was to work for an MNC. Today she has spent over 3 years at Indpro.

    She keeps a close communication with her clients, using Slack and Skype for daily communication as well as doing daily stand-ups. The sprint planning is done for 2 weeks at a time, and the project management tool Jira is used for planning, and for breaking the work down into time estimated tasks.

    “If we have some doubts we will ping the client in Slack, so that he knows what’s going on and can clarify when needed. Clients should always know what’s going on in the project”, Archana says.

    What do you enjoy most about coding?

    “I like to work on functionalities in coding. And as I work with Android development, I’m happy to see the output and the UI in my own phone.”

    What do you think is required to be a good developer?

    “It should be a passion. And you need to have an interest in learning new things. You should be able to analyze the requirements, and based on that give a good output.”

    Why would you recommend someone to come work at Indpro?

    “There is a good work-life balance here. And we get to learn new things”, Archana says.


  • Watch video of how it works here