• Ucommerce för Umbraco – new partner and new certifications

    Indpro has become Certified Partner of the e-commerce framework Ucommerce – and six of our developers are now certified in Ucommerce for Umbraco.

    Bobby Spencer is project manager at Indpro and the person responsible for the certifications.

    Tell us Bobby, why does Indpro choose to work with Ucommerce?

    “Because Ucommerce is a very flexible and scalable framework that allows us to build complex, customized web shops. Many clients want to connect their e-commerce channel with other systems such as ERPs, CRM and PIMs. Ucommerce enables this, it is a very integration friendly system.”

    A common request from our clients is to build a web shop that has standard functionality, but also additional features that adjust to the client’s business processes. In many cases this can be very time consuming to do in for example Magento, as many standard functions are integrated deeply into the system.

    “In Ucommerce only 80 per cent of the circle is closed”, says Bobby. “So you have good possibilities to add the last 20 per cent. Ucommerce is a framework that gives you all the basic functionality of a web shop, and then you build your own solution on top of these.”

    An advantage with Ucommerce for Umbraco is that the licensing fee is very low compared to the competitors. This makes it possible for companies opening an e-commerce channel for the first time to begin at a lower level of cost, while still having a good and scalable system.

    Some of the leading CMS systems within the Microsoft technology today is EPiServer, Kentico and Sitecore.
    “But Umbraco is not far behind”, says Bobby. “It’s very powerful and still free – a good starting point.”

    Since Ucommerce is compatible with the larger systems Sitecore and Kentico, it’s also relatively easy to grow the e-commerce if and when the need arises.

    “If you want to move your Ucommerce store to for example Sitecore, a more powerful but also more expensive system, we can reuse a lot of the code. That’s a big strength with Ucommerce”, Bobby says.

    At Indpro, we are happy for our new partnership with Ucommerce, and congratulate the developers that have been certified!

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  • Watch video of how it works here