Specialized IT consultants

Do you need IT consultants? We have over ten years’ experience of delivering IT, and can help you staff up your projects fast with the resources you require. Our competence spans over a wide range of technologies and platforms, with an emphasis on web development and mobile development. Some of the specializations of our developers are:

  • Java
  • .Net
  • EPIserver
  • Magento

We have two main business models:
1. You hire IT consultants from us and manage them either yourselves, or through one of our technical project managers. The developers work on-site at your office, or at one of our locations, as per your preference.

  1. We take complete responsibility for developing and delivering your solution. Our cooperation is set up on a project basis.

If none of these models suit your needs, we would be happy to customize a cooperation model based on your requirements.

Our goal is for you to gain quick access to the IT consultants you need, so that you can quickly grow you team with the right competence. We can often start working within two weeks, if the competence you require is within our core areas if web development and mobile development.

If we don’t have the resources available in our team, we recruit externally. Then it will take 6-8 weeks before we the cooperation up and running.

Agile development

All our developers are, of course, comfortable with agile work processes. Since we utilize agile project management tools, you will gain full insight in the work in progress and time spent,  regardless of where the developers work from.

Apart from offering developers, we are also able to support our clients in project management. We work globally and we always have access to Swedish technical project managers. Our experience is that this is valuable in the start of a project, as it minimizes the risk of misunderstandings regarding the purpose and design of the solution.