• 3 important tools when leading developers at a distance

    At the Indpro office

    Leading developers at a distance requires good planning and clear communication. These are our three favorite tools to support the team:

    1 Jira

    Jira is at the heart of each modern development project. In software development, this web based project management tool is a market leader.

    Jira offers exactly what you need in agile development. It gives great ability to plan the work in a clear and structured manner, and makes it easy to log the time that the developers work with different tasks.

    If you utilize the possibility of setting time estimates and logging work time, the project becomes completely transparent for the client. The client knows exactly how the developers are investing their time, and what they are working on right now. Through Jira, the clients gain complete control of the project. Clients can also use the tool to add new issues to the project themselves.

    2 Slack

    Slack is a good tool for quick communication, both one-on-one and as a group. When you start a project it’s a good idea to create one or several Slack channels for the project. Everyone invited to the channels have access to the conversations held in the channels, and additionally you are able to send private messages.

    In many projects the team and the client uses Slack to ping each other and ask quick questions. You can also do voice calls in Slack.

    3 Skype

    Skype works well for daily meetings, for example what in agile development is called daily standups. A huge advantage with Skype is the possibility of doing video calls: seeing each other’s facial expressions and body language facilitates co-operation at a distance.

    Skype can also be used both internally and between client and developer to ping each other and ask questions.

    Another option for video calls is Google Meet.

    Tools that complement each other

    The three tools Jira, Slack and Skype are used in different ways and complement each other well. Jira is the core of the project, where everything that happens is documented. Slack forms a channel between client and developer team where everyone has access to conversations pertaining the project. Skype can be used for video calls and for asking quick questions.

    For a project manager it’s vital to ensure that the developers are working on the right tasks – and that the project is on schedule. Make sure you have smart tools when working together at a distance!

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