IT outsourcing.

Indpro – a Swedish IT company with global skills

Indpro is a Swedish IT-company that has been working in global IT delivery since 2005. We regard ourselves as a development partner, helping you find the skills you require, when you require them – for optimal growth.

Our clients say that we deliver with great commitment. We think our commitment to our clients stems from an understanding that we don’t just work with IT – we work with people.

Indpro was founded by three young Swedish engineers with a vision to help Swedish companies access IT skills, while at the same time creating opportunities for employment.

Over the years we have developed our own delivery model and a methodology which we apply to our clients’ projects. We are experts at leading distributed development teams. Our broad experience on different industries gives us a know-how that provides security for our clients.

Offices on three continents

Today, Indpro has its innovation center and head office in Stockholm, Sweden. We own our own offshore delivery centers, ODCs, in India, and we have sales offices on three continents. Our largest office is located in the World Trade Center in India’s IT capital Bangalore, where our neighbors are Amazon India. Our ODCs enable our clients to scale up their delivery, and to get faster delivery and decrease their time to market. They also provide the opportunity for profit margins that many times would have been impossible to achieve without our assistance.

Partners and owners

In order to give our clients the best deliveries, we have over the years invited new owners to contribute to Indpro. Our strategic partners from the Business Wellness Group are: the management consultant firm Centigo, whose expertise lies in strategy and IT management, and Accigo, who has an in depth knowledge of the Microsoft suite.

Why work with Indpro?

  • Committment to our clients.

  • Capacity.

  • Competence.

  • Quality.