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  • When the Shriram Properties Bengaluru Marathon 2019 was arranged in October, Indpro project manager Marie Wärn ran the 21 km half marathon – and ended up on at 11th position out of 623 women participants! Her finishing time was 1:45:42.

    “Considering the small amount of practice I’ve done the last weeks I’m really happy with my performance”, Marie says.

    She hopes that more women in Bangalore will be attracted to the sport.

    “Only 16% of the participants in this race were women, compared to similar races in Sweden which have 38% women”, ...

  • After years away from the team, Ullas M and Rishi Dhupia have rejoined the company.

    “Even though I’ve been away, I always kept in touch with my colleagues and Pavel [Indpro’s CEO]”, Ullas says.

    During his time away from Indpro, Ullas ran a startup with friends. The team built a product on tuition.

    “I was leading the technical team and it strengthened my knowledge in AWS and Angular. I have also started learning node.js and React native”, Ullas explains.

    Work-life balance important

    Rishi on the other hand, has been at home with her daughter for the past few years....

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