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  • Fast-growing Fenix begravning is a Swedish start-up disrupting the funeral industry. To succeed in their mission, they need an efficient and innovative platform. Armed with years of valuable experience, CTO Johannes Ekblad performed an efficient and successful procurement of a partner to help build the Fenix platform. Two years later he is satisfied with his choice – and gives his best advice, step by step. 

    Step 1: Explore the technology

    In many procurements there is already an existing system and the choice of technology has already been made. But in some situations, the choice of ...

  • Fenix begravning is a start-up disrupting the funeral industry, backed by venture capital – and to our great joy, they are also a close partner of ours. In two years, Fenix and Indpro have built an innovative system where Fenix’ clients, employees and freelancers can plan funerals efficiently and easily. We asked Johannes Ekblad, CTO and co-founder of Fenix, to give his best advice on how to create a good cooperation with your IT partner. Here are his answers!

    1 Know what you want

    You should put a lot of effort on your design, and on clarifying what you want – and less on coding. Bec...

  • Fenix begravning wants to disrupt a million euro industry – and predicts that undertakers will go through a digital transformation. Recently, the funeral start-up raised around 700,00 euro in venture capital, money that’s being invested in an innovative platform and an international launch.

    “In 20 years, I think 80 per cent of all people will plan funerals online. It’s a natural development. If you consider how quickly other sectors have been digitalized I find it hard to believe that we wouldn’t see the same thing happening in the funeral industry.”

    The words are Johannes Ekb...

  • Congratulations to Suresh, Marie, Satyendra and Ullas – who were recently certified as Scrum Product Owners!

    A professional Scrum Product Owner demonstrates the knowledge and understanding of Scrum and the Product Owner role. He or she has the ability to apply that knowledge in real-world situations.

    The four employees who have currently been certified are Satyendra Kumar Singh, technical architect, and project managers Marie Wärn, Ullas M and Suresh Kumar R.

    “I realized that the Product owner role is complex. You have to listen to all the stakeholders’ needs and ...

  • Watch video of how it works here