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  • After years away from the team, Ullas M and Rishi Dhupia have rejoined the company.

    “Even though I’ve been away, I always kept in touch with my colleagues and Pavel [Indpro’s CEO]”, Ullas says.

    During his time away from Indpro, Ullas ran a startup with friends. The team built a product on tuition.

    “I was leading the technical team and it strengthened my knowledge in AWS and Angular. I have also started learning node.js and React native”, Ullas explains.

    Work-life balance important

    Rishi on the other hand, has been at home with her daughter for the past few years....

  • IT is the future of the world – that’s why Vikash Sharma decided to be a developer. Best part of the job? Learning new things, and implementing them.

    ”Indpro gives us full freedom and flexibility. It’s exciting to work with the latest technologies,” Vikash says.

  • Indians save the Swedish IT industry – those were the words of Sweden’s leading business daily, Dagens Industri, last fall. Every year, thousands of Indian IT engineers are granted work permits in Sweden.

    – They play a very important role. Many times, these individuals are highly skilled and contribute to IT development projects. If they weren’t here, these projects would never happen, be delayed or be of lesser quality, said Patrik Karlsson, labor market expert at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, in the interview published in Dagens Industri.

    Sneha Jha, senior develop...

  • Leading developers at a distance requires good planning and clear communication. These are our three favorite tools to support the team:

    1 Jira

    Jira is at the heart of each modern development project. In software development, this web based project management tool is a market leader.

    Jira offers exactly what you need in agile development. It gives great ability to plan the work in a clear and structured manner, and makes it easy to log the time that the developers work with different tasks.

    If you utilize the possibility of setting time estimates and logging work time, ...

  • Watch video of how it works here