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  • Devi Nagaraja has worked with Indpro, in the same project, for almost six years now.

    “What I like best about Indpro is that you can talk to anyone in the company”, she says.

    As Indpro has a Swedish corporate culture with a flat organization, we are much less hierarchal than Indian or American companies usually are.

    “You can contact anyone in the company who knows the technology, and they will help. There is no hesitation, and that’s the best part of Indpro. It’s a friendly environment”, Devi says.

    During her time at Indpro, Devi has learnt a lot – not only in cod...

  • “IT is a passion – and it is personal growth, too.” Those are the words of Archana D. G, Android developer at Indpro.

    As a student, Archana’s dream was to work for an MNC. Today she has spent over 3 years at Indpro.

    She keeps a close communication with her clients, using Slack and Skype for daily communication as well as doing daily stand-ups. The sprint planning is done for 2 weeks at a time, and the project management tool Jira is used for planning, and for breaking the work down into time estimated tasks.

    “If we have some doubts we will ping the client in Slack, so t...

  • The client knows their business – we know the coding. And out daily stand-ups brigdes this gap, explains Dilip Kumar Rayguru, iOS developer at our Bangalore office.

    Before Dilip started working with us he worked at seven different companies, in as many years. At Indpro, Dilip has finally found a company where he wants to stay.

    “At Indpro we take full leadership, and full ownership. This gives me full confidence, and when the confidence comes you have the full output”, Dilip says.

  • She has 20 years of experience from the IT sector, started as a developer and is a certified SCRUM master since 2010. Meet our new project manager Marie Wärn.

    On April a new star joined our Bangalore team: Marie Wärn, experienced project manager with extensive exposure to agile methodology.

    “I will work as a technical project manager, which I’ve done for many years previously. The new thing for me is that I will be doing it in English, and in India. That will be a lot of fun”, Marie says.

    Marie has a degree in systems science, and her love for downhill skiing prompted h...

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