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  • High performance and scalability – those were two major expectations when a client entrusted us to build a new sports social networking platform. In this blog post, our technical architect Sandeep Rajoria explains how we created the architecture of this top-of-the-line platform.

    Since microservices are designed for scalability and high performance, we decided to use Event Sourcing and CQRS as the architecture of this new product.

    The aim of this blog is to share some insights and implementation details about the main components of these architecture patterns – this is by no me...

  • Leadership is always challenging – but leading distributed teams is even more demanding. We see five important qualities that a project manager needs when leading a team of developers at a distance. Here’s our list of what a long distance leader needs to be – and why.

    1 Clear

    Being clear in how you express yourself and how you lead meetings is necessary when leading at a distance. Sometimes being clear means setting up a structure for meetings, with routines for when and how the meetings will be held. Being clear also means that all stakeholders in a project should know what the proj...

  • Are you having a hard time trying to recruit developers? No wonder – there is a shortage of developers in Sweden. And as more and more industries become digitalized, the need for IT professionals increases. In the year 2022 Sweden will require 70.000 developers, according to the employer organization Swedish IT and Telecom Industries.

    In Stockholm the shortage of IT staff is so problematic that it has put a break on the economy’s growth, according to the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

    – When Stockholm slows down it can affect the economy of the whole country. The shortage of d...

  • How do you ensure GDPR compliance when working with developers outside the EU? That’s a question we hear increasingly often since the new EU directive for data protection and privacy, GDPR,  was enforced in May.

    The regulations are stricter when data is stored in countries outside of the EU. We have the processes and agreements in place to ensure GDPR compliance in our projects.

    Our aim, however, is for our developers to work in the client’s environment through safe access points. Therefore, in 9 cases out of 10, we do not have a reason to store sensitive data at our locations, neith...

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