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  • Are you having a hard time trying to recruit developers? No wonder – there is a shortage of developers in Sweden. And as more and more industries become digitalized, the need for IT professionals increases. In the year 2022 Sweden will require 70.000 developers, according to the employer organization Swedish IT and Telecom Industries.

    In Stockholm the shortage of IT staff is so problematic that it has put a break on the economy’s growth, according to the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

    – When Stockholm slows down it can affect the economy of the whole country. The shortage of d...

  • How do you ensure GDPR compliance when working with developers outside the EU? That’s a question we hear increasingly often since the new EU directive for data protection and privacy, GDPR,  was enforced in May.

    The regulations are stricter when data is stored in countries outside of the EU. We have the processes and agreements in place to ensure GDPR compliance in our projects.

    Our aim, however, is for our developers to work in the client’s environment through safe access points. Therefore, in 9 cases out of 10, we do not have a reason to store sensitive data at our locations, neith...

  • It’s been two years since Indpro started working with content marketing, and begun a cooperation with consultant and writer Lisa Sunderraj Bjerre.

    Lisa, can you tell us what’s happened over these past two years?

    We’ve launched a new web site, increased our activity in social media and started working with marketing automation. We believe in sharing our knowledge, and let our communication create value for others – it’s what makes you a winner in the long run. So that’s something we will work even more with after the summer.

    What are you most proud of?

    Last year w...

  • Many Indian women face difficulties combining family and work. The result: a lot of women coders quit their jobs after having kids. At Indpro, we wanted to change this. Therefore, we have created a flexible personnel policy that enable mothers to return to work – and find that important balance between work and family.

    Devi Nagaraj is a skilled Dotnet-developer and had her first child a little over a year ago. When her baby was 2,5 months old she started working again – but from home. Her working hours have been adjusted to what suits her schedule – or rather, her child’s schedule.

  • Watch video of how it works here