The company

Assistansboken Sverige AB has created a smart IT solution for care assistants in Sweden. Their tool connects the assistants and offers a forum for better interaction and information exchange about the unique needs of the patients. This improves the efficiency among the assistants, and also the efficiency of the employers. Furthermore, the tool supports the required time reporting and scheduling for the assistants.

The challenge

The founders of Assistansboken were working as care assistants in Sweden, and saw the need for an IT tool developed especially for this profession. Some of the important features required were user management to secure confidential patient information, forum for information exchange, centralized scheduling and time reporting and the possibility to administrate all parts of the system.

The solution

Indpro was contracted by Assistansboken Sverige AB to develop their web based tool. After discussing the requirements, Indpro decided to build the tool in the latest versions of C#, ASP and .Net. This way we could draw advantage of the latest echnologies as well as utilize advanced controls from DevExpress to create a richer user interface. Indpro assigned developers with high competence within the technologies involved, and took complete responsibility for everything from system design to product launch.

The result

Assistansboken Sverige AB has succeeded with its goal of introducing a new type of tool on the Swedish market for care assistants, which has contributed to set a new standard for the entire industry. The system is used by a number of Swedish municipalities.

  • Since we were a startup with a very good idea but limited money, Indpro was a very suitable partner. With their help we managed to launch our product while still keeping our budget.

    • Emanuel Nyberg
    • CEO, Assistansboken Sverige AB