The company

Exicom Software is a leading developer of solutions for project and operations management, through their ERP Copernicus Business Suite.

The challenge

In 2010, Exicom contracted Indpro to support them in developing a web based version of Copernicus Pro. The system is written in Progress, a programming language which few developers in Sweden master today. Apart from developing a web application of Copernicus Pro, Exicom also wanted to transfer some of its functionality to a mobile application.

The solution

Indpro provided a team of developers specialized in Progress. Together with Exicom’s team, they developed the web version of Copernicus Pro.

The cooperation was expanded when Exicom needed to develop mobile support for their ERP. Exicom chose to let Indpro develop Exicom’s product Copernicus Mobile for iPhone and Android.

The result

Apart from being able to offer web and mobile versions of their product Copernicus Pro, working with Indpro has helped Exicom reducing costs, and freed up time for focusing on other parts of the company’s operations. Today, Indpro continues to be an important part of the team developing the Copernicus ERP.

  • Indpro is a good offshoring partner that can really help you getting started. They are solutions oriented with great commitment to their clients.

    • Arne Fridmar
    • CTO, Exicom