Fenix begravning

The Company

Fenix begravning is a fast-growing Swedish company offering a simpler and smoother way of planning funerals online. Founded in 2014, the company has raised venture capital in several rounds. A number of experienced entrepreneurs are found amongst the investors.

The Challenge

Fenix needed a new technical platform with a user-friendly interface for clients as well as internal and external co-workers. The platform needed to function as a project management tool as well as a CRM and an e-commerce solution. Additionally, the platform was to be integrated with a new ERP.

The Solution

Indpro built the platform from scratch in close co-operation with the Fenix team. Fenix developed the design and the specs for the functionality. Indpro suggested choice of technologies, and built the platform using .Net, React, AWS and a microservice architecture. The project went live one year after start, and a large part of the project time was spent on launching and integrating the new ERP.

 The Result

Today, Fenix begravning has a cutting-edge digital solution for funerals and family law. The platform helps Fenix’ staff with efficiency and transparency. At the same time, the clients get a smoother and better experience of planning a funeral.

The co-operation between Fenix and Indpro continues since the start 2018. Fenix has a team of developers at Indpro that continuously delivers improvements and new functionality for the platform.

  • “The team has been passionate about the project since day one, and we have worked together closely. I don’t think our platform would have turned out this good with a different partner.

    • Johannes Ekblad
    • CTO & Founder, Fenix begravning