Fortum logotyp

The Company

Fortum is one of the leading heat producers in the world and the largest electricity retailer in the Nordic countries. Fortum is among the lowest-emitting generators in Europe, as two thirds of their power is hydro and nuclear. Info24 is an Internet of Things-startup, which was acquired by Fortum in 2016.

The Challenge

In 2008, the Internet of Things-startup Info24 contacted Indpro to help them develop a cloud-based business system utilizing the latest technology to allow for M2M, machine-to-machine communication.

The Solution

Indpro’s developers worked with Info24 to build the cloud based business system called Tingco. In cooperation with the leading Nordic energy company Fortum, the system was utilized to create an application for monitor control of electric vehicles.  In 2016, Fortum acquired Info24 and the companies merged. Indpro has maintained our position as partner in development throughout.

The Result

Fortum’s Tingco system enables drivers of electric vehicles to monitor the status of their vehicle directly on their mobile phones. The features include battery control, remote charging, finding nearby charging stations and cost control.

Fortum has a team of developers at Indpro, that work continuously to improve the system in close co-operation with Fortum’s IT team.

  • Indpro understands our business and it works like a true long term partnership

    • Hans Nottehed
    • CTO, Info24 / Tingcore