The company

iBinder is a project management system which emerged from a need for simplification in the construction business. It’s based on the best and most well-tried model: the ring binder. iBinder imitates the binder’s design and is based on the same simple, intuitive logic.

The challenge

iBinder is a fast growing company, which makes it challenging to find time to develop the product. When iBinder contacted Indpro they needed help both with recruiting more developers, and with managing their own developers as well as external developers.

The solution

Indpro provided a team of .Net developers, and a project manager who supported the entire development team.

The result

Due to partnering with Indpro, iBinder’s development has become more efficient: they have been able to develop more in a shorter time span. This has allowed them to respond to their clients’ requests for additional features. iBinder’s user base has increased from 70.000 to 120.000 in just two years.

  • Indpro has given us muscle in our development, something we did not have on our own. Additionally, we now have better control over requirements, planning and quality.

    • Jan Gezelius
    • CTO, iBinder Pärmen AB