The Company

The e-commerce company MatHem, delivering food to Swedish households, is growing fast. Their e-store has been appointed “best food site of the year” multiple times. The company was founded in 2006 and some of the owners are Verdane Capital and Karl-Johan Persson, CEO of H&M.

The Challenge

In the mid 00s, entrepreneur Tomas Kull began a journey where he was to challenge the food retail industry of Sweden by selling groceries online. In order to succeed, he needed an excellent webshop. MatHem decided to entrust the development of the shop to Indpro.

The Solution

Indpro developed the first version of MatHem’s website. The e-commerce solution was developed by Indpro from scratch. The cooperation between MatHem and Indpro was so successful that our developers are still, ten years later, an important part of MatHem’s team of developers.

The Result

Building MatHem’s site was one of Indpro’s first assignments as a startup. Much to our joy, has become a great success. For several years, has been appointed as one of the best Swedish websites by Internetworld Topp100. We are proud to be MatHem’s partner, and we are proud of our developers who have followed MatHem’s journey from start to success, and still remain in their team today. Visit MatHem’s site at

  • What I like best about our team at Indpro is that they are committed. You can tell that they enjoy working with Mathem.

    • Fredrik Sewén
    • CTO Mathem