Metric Industrial


The company

Metric Industrial is a value adding technology trading company that markets automation components and measuring and testing systems to the Nordic automation-, electronics- and telecommunications industries. Metric Industrial is a part of the Addtech Group consisting of over 140 operating companies, with 2 100 employees and a turnover of over US$ 750 million.

The challenge

Metric Industrial partnered up with Indpro when they started an e-commerce venture and needed help implementing a webshop on their website. One requirement was that the e-shop should be easily integrated with Metric’s existing website. Another requirement was that the design of the shop should follow Metric’s graphic profile. They also wanted options for internationalizing the webshop, as they were planning to launch e-commerce in multiple markets.

The solution

Indpro installed a webshop built on the platform Magento CE, a free of cost version of Magento: one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms. Magento has an intuitive interface for managing products, prices, VAT and more, which makes it easy to administrate the webshop. Metric opted for a multi-store installation, which means that several companies share one installation, and can benefit from all improvement made on that platform. This also means that Metric’s offices in different markets can share the same database of information regarding price and availability.

The result

Metric has increased the exposure of their products online, and obtained an additional sales channel complementing their other channels. Indpro’s implementation has also enabled possibilities to more easily integrate towards ERPs and business systems, to minimize manual work with updates for products and sales statistics. The project was delivered as a base package, enabling cost control and clear goals and results.

  • We had numerous reasons for wanting to set up a web shop, and Indpro immediately felt like the right provider for us. They don’t only give us quality development, it’s also about knowledge and providing us the right guidance.

    • Fredrik Navjord
    • CEO, Metric Industrial AB