Time Care


The company

Time Care are market leaders in workforce optimization software since 1993, and their customers include more than half of Sweden’s local and regional municipalities. Time Care is part of Allocate Software Ltd, Europe’s leading provider of healthcare workforce deployment software. They offer a wide range of products and services for optimum staff management.

The challenge

Time Care wanted to develop the next generation system for scheduling in the health care sector and other sectors. Time Care’s goal was to develop a product which simplified and modernized the management of schedules, time reporting, salaries and labour legislation.

The solution

A team of developers and testers was recruited to develop a web based system solving the problem that Time Care saw, simplifying every day work for health care employees. The system was constructed to meet large organizations’ need for cost efficient staffing optimization.

The result

The product makes it possible for Swedish hospitals to optimize their staffing, white at the same time spending less time on scheduling. The interface is intuitive and it has a dynamic and flexible function for scheduling, which allows simultaneous scheduling of several large groups. Working with Indpro has also allowed Time Care to lower their costs while maintaining the quality.

  • Indpro’s developers enabled us to speed up the product development and increased our ability to expand our product portfolio

    • Andreas Nõu
    • Product Director, Time Care AB