The company

Tyréns AB is one of Sweden’s leading community development consultancies. They have 1.800 across their operations in Sweden, Denmark the UK and Estonia. Tyréns commit themselves to research and development within the urban and rural development sector, working closely with universities and other research institutions.

The challenge

Tyréns have a continuous need to develop and improve their IT products. They require a partner who can offer long term support and stability with a knowledge transfer to the developers. The work also demands specific knowledge of integration to CAD and modelling tools.

The solution

Indpro put together a team of developers with specialized skills within the required fields, and with the ability build knowledge around a very broad product suite. This provided Tyréns with a dedicated team, a team which continuously develops Tyréns’ software products.

The result

Indpro is a reliable term partner of Tyréns, able to respond to most of their project requests. Tyréns have opted to permanently entrust new development to Indpro, as well as the continuous development of most of their software.

  • Indpro and their dedicated team have a long term horizon. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with them over several years.

    • Pär Hagberg
    • Avdelningschef BIM- och GISavdelningen, Tyréns AB