• Devops, blockchain and cloud – why all Indproians visited the GIDS conference

    Sign reading gids 18 in greenery.

    When the annual developer summit happens in India’s Silicon Valley, we don’t just send a select few developers – we send’em all. Here’s our staff’s report from a few great days of tech inspiration and learning at GIDS Bangalore 2018!

    “When we are in GIDS, we are automatically getting the latest trends in technology. From this year, I got to know about functional programming instead of OOP. In all the topics, GIDS gives us the head start and after that we need to deep dive to learn more.”
    Suresh Kumar, developer

    Atul and Vikash with Scott Davis, one of top speakers at GIDS 2018.


    Scott Davis was a top speaker on the topic of devops and architechture. His speach touched how containers are the next model of compute, after VMs and bare metal. “And you all know containers are here to stay. They’re the leaner, faster and more portable alternative, and one day every app will run in a container”, states Scott Davis.

    Other topics at the conference were blockchain, machine learning and cloud computing.

    Amelia and Payal, software developers.


    “After GIDS we are more curious on learning ReactJS and machine learning. We got some tips on design, optimization and using OOPs concept in TypeScript.”
    The MatHem team

    Group of developers standing in greenery.

    Srinivas, PHP developer, Venkanna Nagamalla, .NET developer, Payal Rajoria, PHP developer, Muthamma, PHP developer, Rajesh Shetty, .NET developer, Mahendra, PHP developer.


    Why does Indpro send all our developers to GIDS?

    Sending our entire body of developers to a conference means that all our consultants are learning instead of earning – it’s a big investment. So why do we do it?

    “Because we know that our staff is our greatest asset. We want our developers to learn, thrive, and be happy. Indpro makes you grow – that’s our motto. And we do our best to live up to that promise”, says Bobby Biswas, CEO of Indpro India.

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