• End To End Recruitment – What Does It Imply?

    Recruitment is an important business process for any organization. An efficient recruitment team is surely a facilitator in company growth and sustainability in this dynamic business scenario. Recruitment started as the process to find the right fit for the job. But today, recruitment is a lot more than that. Now, recruitment is a more business driven process, encompassing a lot of different activities of getting the right people in and also to ensure that they will be assets for the organization.

    Earlier, recruitment dealt with getting job requirements, looking for suitable resumes, shortlisting candidates, setting up interviews and inducting selected candidates on their first day. But today, recruitment has widened its purview and encompasses a lot of other related processes, which have been streamlined with the basic recruitment flow. One of the most extended recruitment process or the profile is the End to End Recruitment, which involves more decision making steps with a more future-oriented approach.

    What is End To End Recruitment?

    According to the current data on LinkedIn, there are around 61,249 recruiters on their network, with the skillset of End to End Recruitment. End to End Recruitment deals with getting requirements, sourcing from different channels, screening and submitting resumes, the entire interview process, selection and sending Offer letters, signing contracts with vendors or third parties, follow-ups, client relationship, database management, salary credits and also vendor payments. This brings together different departments in a streamlined process, which makes the entire flow fast, reducing both time and cost to company for hiring an employee.

    What is the process flow in End To End Recruitment?

    The process flow of end to end recruitment can be listed as follows:

    • Sales Manager (SM) and Accounts Manager (AM) send the detailed job requirements, they get from the client to the Recruitment Manager (RM)
    • RM is responsible for co-ordination between the Recruitment Team (RT) and the AM
    • RT starts sourcing according to requirements and screens resumes for interview
    • RT submits resumes to AM and also maintains a database/tracker
    • RT schedules interviews and follows up with consultants and vendors
    • Once selected, RT communicates the same to the candidate and follows up for all pre joining assessments and documentation
    • Finally, RT ensures a smooth orientation process on the first day of joining and also few follow-ups after that
    • RT follows a similar process for contract and third-party employees, with required changes here and there

    A few critical aspects of End To End Recruitment

    Though all the phases in the process of end-to-end recruitment is critical in its own respect, but still there are a few steps, which are preliminary yet most crucial for the success of the entire flow. These are the foundation factors and needs to be dealt with care.

    Job Requirements: This is the foremost and most important aspect. Before hiring, the Company needs to know what is expected of the employee in this job profile. A communication gap can create a lot of confusion later from either side. So, it is important to know, understand and communicate the job requirements precisely to ensure the basic foundation is set right.

    Screening: Sourcing and shortlisting candidates are the next important step. End to end recruiters need to be extra careful. They need to browse through a lot of data within a very short time-frame and take out proper candidates for the interview process.

    Induction: Finally, recruiters need to ensure that the selected candidates show up on their first day else the entire process will be a waste of both time and money. Not only this, they also have to ensure a warm and nice induction, which will form the basis of their future relationship with the Company. They need to ensure both human and technology interactions are proper and welcoming.

    According to a report released by Statistics and trends on Jan 2016, there are around 1 million job applications and record number of vacancies only in the UK to mark positive start for recruiters this year. This is just an example and you can imagine the volume of data that recruiters have to work on world wide. Companies would want end to end recruiters to make the hirings fast-paced, within their stipulated budgets. Sometimes, this can also be achieved through an integrated recruitment software.

    End to End Recruitment should ensure a long-term and growing relationship between the hire and the Organization, so that they can contribute to each other’s growth and success.

  • Watch video of how it works here