• Finding it hard to recruit developers?


    Are you having a hard time trying to recruit developers? No wonder – there is a shortage of developers in Sweden. And as more and more industries become digitalized, the need for IT professionals increases. In the year 2022 Sweden will require 70.000 developers, according to the employer organization Swedish IT and Telecom Industries.

    In Stockholm the shortage of IT staff is so problematic that it has put a break on the economy’s growth, according to the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

    – When Stockholm slows down it can affect the economy of the whole country. The shortage of developers must be solved by enabling companies to recruit global talent, but also by improving the matching in the labor market, says Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, chief economist at The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, in an official statement.

    So the lack of developers is not only a problem for your business – it’s a problem for the society as a whole.

    What can we do to change this?

    • Increase IT training.
      Apart from the traditional educational programs at universities and colleges, private companies are now investing in fast-lane training of developers. In just 12 weeks students are trained to be employed as IT consultants.
    • Recruit more foreign developers to Sweden.
      Close to 4.500 Indians were given a work permit in Sweden last year, almost all of them work with IT and technology.
      In Stockholm, the housing market makes it more challenging to attract global talent. International companies such as Spotify have raised concerns regarding this.
    • Work with global resources off site.
      Offshore and nearshore outsourcing is today a part of the offer for most large IT companies.
  • Watch video of how it works here