• How we work with GDPR

    How do you ensure GDPR compliance when working with developers outside the EU? That’s a question we hear increasingly often since the new EU directive for data protection and privacy, GDPR,  was enforced in May.

    The regulations are stricter when data is stored in countries outside of the EU. We have the processes and agreements in place to ensure GDPR compliance in our projects.

    Our aim, however, is for our developers to work in the client’s environment through safe access points. Therefore, in 9 cases out of 10, we do not have a reason to store sensitive data at our locations, neither in Sweden nor at our delivery center in Bangalore, India.

    We guarantee that our projects are GDPR compliant by:

    1 Safe storage of sensitive data.

    Before we start a co-operation with a client, we go through all data to map what data will be processed and whether the data is categorized as sensitive under GDPR.

    2 Authorized agreements.

    The agreements that we sign with our clients follow the regulations of Datainspektionen (Swedish Data Protection Authority) and GDPR in the management of personal data.

    3 High security in our delivery center.

    We maintain high security at our deliver center in World Trade center in Bangalore, India. We use biometric access for entering the office and have strict processes for controlling how data is processed.

    4 Continuous training and audits.

    We audit our policies and processes regularly. We also train our staff in GDPR, in Sweden as well as in India.

  • Watch video of how it works here