• Improving retrospectives – Marie’s take-away from Agile India

    Conference members

    Did you know that Asia’s largest conference on system development methods happens in India? Our project manager Marie Warn was there – here’s her story!

    The agile community is really big in India! This year the Agile India conference was held in Bangalore, just next to our office.

    During one week in the middle of March there were talks and workshops by 94 speakers from 23 countries.

    Conference members.

    Photo: Agile India


    Marie Wärn, project manager Indpro

    I had the chance to go to the Agile Mindset day where I attended interesting sessions about holacracy, coaching and facilitation techniques, how to improve retrospectives and how to use mindfulness in the agile work.

    After returning to the office, I have already given a knowledge sharing session regarding how we can improve our retrospectives. I will continue looking into how we can utilize the agile mindset better in our teams so we are not only doing agile – but also being more agile.

    Marie Warn, project manager

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