• Indian engineers are saving Swedish IT projects – Sneha is one of them

    Indians save the Swedish IT industry – those were the words of Sweden’s leading business daily, Dagens Industri, last fall. Every year, thousands of Indian IT engineers are granted work permits in Sweden.

    – They play a very important role. Many times, these individuals are highly skilled and contribute to IT development projects. If they weren’t here, these projects would never happen, be delayed or be of lesser quality, said Patrik Karlsson, labor market expert at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, in the interview published in Dagens Industri.

    Sneha Jha, senior developer at Indpro, is one of these engineers. She’s currently working from her client’s office in central Stockholm with a project in Microsoft Dynamics.

    – I like the Swedish work culture, especially the flat hierarchy which makes it easy to come forward with ideas. There are less misunderstandings and the work gets done faster, she says.

    “In India, all comedians are IT engineers”

    In Sweden, there is a huge lack of developers, and it’s continuously hard to attract young people to study IT at university. In India, the situation is opposite – IT has a high status on the work market and hundreds of thousands of IT engineers graduate every year.

    – Computer science has become a general degree today. If you don’t know what you want to do, that’s what you study. You can work with a lot of different things afterwards, in the tourist industry or become a movie maker. All Indian comedians are IT engineers! Sneha says with a laughter.

    For her however, computer science was no random choice. She knew she wanted to be an engineer and the IT market was attractive.

    – If you don’t have a passion for your work, you will burn out. I love developing. When I see the result, and see people using what I’ve built – then I feel happy and satisfied.

    International projects build skills

    The reason for so many Indian developers to come to Sweden is of course not only the large competence pool in India. It’s also because their skill levels are high.

    Why are Indian developers so skilled?

    – When you work in India you get to work in projects from all over the world. That develops your skills, Sneha says.

    For her own career she has focused on Microsoft Dynamics, a choice she’s pleased with.

    – I like to understand how business flows and understand the whole process from backend to shipping. That’s a lot of fun. And it’s a user friendly ERP – when the client is happy, I’m happy too.

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