Do you need Angular developers?

We work with the latest Javascript frameworks for front-end development and have resources skilled in Angular.

Do you need support from a front-end developer specialised in Angular for a limited time? Or do you need to grow your team on a long-term basis? We have the resources required.

We offer:

Project development with Angular.

Dedicated teams skilled in Angular.

Developers on-site.


Project development with Angular

Do you need competence in Angular for your project? We offer you IT consultants skilled in Angular. We also assist with project management. Our project managers are experienced and SCRUM certified.

Dedicated teams with skills in Angular

We work with long-term partnerships. We provide our clients with dedicated teams of developers that work from our premises, or on-site side-by-side with the client. The developers function as an extension of the client’s IT department in a cooperation that spans over several years. The size of the teams varies from three to 15 developers. We scale up as the clients’ demand grows.

Developers on-site

Our developers have extensive experience from international cooperation and are available for work on-site with clients in Europe. When you don’t need your developers to work on-site, most of our consultants have their base in our delivery centre in Bangalore, India.


Why Angular?

Using a framework or library is a given choice when developing modern web applications today. It saves a large amount of time, work and code and is a must when developing dynamic web sites.

The question is however which framework is best for the project at hand.

Multiple factors will affect your choice. If you already have a team of developers, their previous knowledge and competence is an important factor. If you, on the other hand, are going to recruit new developers – on your own or through a consultancy – the choice is more free.

For most projects, you will choose between three options: Angular, React and Vue.js.

Pros with Angular

Angular is a full framework, while React is a library. When you add additional libraries to React you get a framework.

A deciding factor in the choice of framework is how active the community is. Which framework grows the fastest, and is utilized the most right now? The community around a framework is essential for it to develop and be attractive. The more active the community, the faster bugs will be fixed. It is easy to follow how the different frameworks and libraries grow at Npm Trends.

Today, React is the largest framework, which might indicate that this should be your first choice. However, Angular is the oldest framework in the market as it was created by Google already in 2010. Angular is where you find the longest experience. The documentation is more extensive and the framework has had a larger number of total users over the years. If you encounter problems, chances are that someone else have had the same problem, and solved and documented it. For many, this is an important reason for choosing Angular.

React, on the other hand, is growing faster today which means that more problems can be exposed and more solutions documented. So it’s not an easy choice.

Angular development

How do I choose?

To ensure that you select the framework that is best for your project, you should study the situation for Angular and other large frameworks and libraries right now. Study the latest stable release to see where Angular is right now. What improvements have been made that can be important for your project?

In the end, the choice might be decided by which Javascript libraries you intend to use. If you already know what libraries you need for the project you should check how compatible they are with Angular and other frameworks. If they are more compatible with one of the frameworks, this will probably be your best choice.

Support in choosing technologies

At Indpro we support our clients in selecting technologies. We consider ourselves to be technology agnostic, meaning that we enter every new project without a predetermined view on what technology and which framework would be the best choice. We base our recommendation on each project’s unique needs and possibilities. Our technical project managers are experienced in Angular as well as React and Vue.js. We also have developers with the same skills.

Contact us when you need support in your development – and your choice of technology!