Need developers skilled in React?

We work with front-end development and the latest frameworks in Javascript. We have resources skilled in React.

Do you need help from front-end developers skilled in React for a limited time? Or are you looking for long-term support in development? We have the resources you require.

We offer

 Project development with React.

 Dedicated teams skilled in React.

 Developers on-site.


Project development with React

Do you require competence in React for your project? We have resources with the right skills and experience. We also assist our clients with project management. Our project managers are SCRUM certified and experienced.

Dedicated teams with the right skills

We work with long-term partnerships. Our clients hire dedicated teams of developers that work from our site, or on-site with the client. The developers work as an extension of the client’s IT department, and often stay with the team for many years. The size of the team varies from three developers up to 15. We scale up as per the need of the client.

Developers on-site

Our developers have experience of global projects and are accustomed to the process of cooperating at a distance. They are also available for assignments on-site with clients in Europe. When our developers are not working on-site, most of them are based in Bangalore, India. This is where our largest delivery centre is located.


Why React?

Using a framework or library is the obvious choice when developing modern web applications. It saves a huge amount of time, work and code and is a must when developing dynamic web. Using a library or framework allows the developers to put more time into functionality rather than the structure of the project.

The question is: Which framework is best for our current project?

Several factors are important in this choice. Do you already have developers ready to work on the project? Then an important factor is their previous experience and skills. But if you are recruiting new developers for the project, on your own or through a consultancy, all options remain open.

For most projects, the choice will fall on one of three alternatives: React, Angular and Vue.js.

Pros of React

React was created by Facebook and launched in 2013. It grows faster than its competitors. Bugs are discovered quickly and many developers are working on solving issues fast. The library is vast and the documentation is extensive and detailed. Npm Trends allows you to check the popularity of the different libraries and frameworks.

Cons of React

Many developers find the documentation complex for beginners. But for developers with solid knowledge of Javascript, it is easy to use.

Integrating React in a framework requires in-depth knowledge, as it is not a framework in itself. But for those skilled in Javascript, it’s still easier than working with Angular.

React development


How does React compare to other frameworks?

React is not a framework, but a Javascript library. Angular on the other hand, is a framework for developing dynamic web applications.

There are other technical differences. For example, React is based on Virtual DOM while Angular is based on MVC (Model View Controller).

An important argument for selecting React is that it grows faster than other libraries and frameworks. This means that more issues are discovered and more solutions are documented.

How do I choose?

If you want to be sure to choose the best framework fro your project, you should study the current situation for React and the other libraries and frameworks. Study the latest release to find out where React is at. Have improvements been made that are vital to your project?

Also ask yourselves what libraries you will need to use in the project. Are these libraries compatible with React, Angular and Vue.js? If the libraries you require are compatible with a specific framework, then that’s probably a good choice.

Support in your choice of technology

At Indpro we support our clients in selecting technologies. We are technology agnostic and enter each project with an open mind – without predetermined opinions on what is the best choice of framework and technology. We base our recommendations on the requirements and possibilities of each unique project. Our technical project managers are experienced in React and Angular as well as Vue.js. We also have developers skilled in these frameworks and libraries.

Contact us when you need support in your development and your choice of technology!