System development – we build solutions

Need help with system development? We create end-to-end solutions with system development and build tailor-made systems for our clients.

Quick recruitment – get the right resources, fast.

Flexible resources – the right skills, when you need them.

Proven processes – efficient and precise processes for a good result.

Swedish project management – good communication is the key to successful system development.

Some of the languages our consultants are experienced in are:

  • .Net
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Python


AWS and Azure

Most systems are developed to be cloud based SaaS-solutions, and we work with AWS as well as Azure.

We develop both frontend and backend. In frontend we often do web development and work with frameworks such as Angular and React. We also build mobile applications for iOS and Android.

We also help our clients to develop APIs for server/backend. Our developers build these on a modern microservice architecture in the cloud, with AWS and Azure.

Examples of system development we have done with clients:

System development with Fenix.


FENIX. For our client Fenix begravning, we have created a microservice based architecture using React. The back-end and API is done with .Net and hosted in  AWS.

System development with MatHem.


MATHEM. We have worked with ever since this Swedish e-commerce success was started. MatHem has multiple teams of system developers with us, working with AWS, .Net, Python, Angular and Salesforce.

Communication is number one in system development

Having access to the right technical competence is critical in system development. But developing systems isn’t primarily about technical solutions; the starting point must always be the client’s need and the client’s business.

To succeed with system development, it’s vital that the communication between project manager and developer is working. This is particularly important in the starting phase when you set a common vision for the result and break that vision down into technical specifications.

We always offer our clients support in scoping and specifying projects. Our experience is that it helps create a smooth co-operation and assures that the result is in line with the client’s vision.

We also always involve our Swedish project managers in the start of every project, for the communication to flow smoothly.

In agile system development, people and communication are the most important tools. This characterizes our processes. 


Agile system development

We work with agile system development and our project managers are certified SCRUM masters.

When agile methodology was introduced in the early 2000s, it transformed system development. The methodology represented a new way of thinking and working with IT projects.

The Agile methodology consists of a number of principles, where the fundamental idea is that in a changing world, you need development tools that can handle that reality.

The agile way of thinking was a reaction against the fact that a lot of IT projects failed because they were locked to an unrealistic plan, and against the fact that too much emphasis was placed on bureaucratic documentation – instead of focusing on the result.

Regular deliveries

The base of the agile work is an iterative and incremental work process. Practically, this means that the developers deliver code regularly according to a schedule, instead of waiting and releasing all the system development in one big delivery. Continuous improvement is another part of the agile mindset.

Another thing that stands out in the agile work process is that you set goals and visions, rather than detailed technical requirements.

At Indpro, we have had an agile work process since the company was founded in 2005. In the beginning we often had to support our clients in learning the agile way of working. But today, the knowledge of agile system development is widespread.

Jira – a tool for agile system development

There are many tools that support agile system development. We use the project management tool Jira for our projects. Jira is the market leader for IT projects and meets our clients’ and our own needs of structure, transparency and measurability.

Through Jira, our clients can follow the system development throughout the process and gain insight in the progress.

An important part of our process is that our system developers sets their own time estimates. This means that our developers take responsibility, are engaged in the projects and gain control over their work.

In the end, this is translates into better deliveries for our clients.