• New certifications: Scrum Product Owners

    SCRUM Product Owners team

    Congratulations to Suresh, Marie, Satyendra and Ullas – who were recently certified as Scrum Product Owners!

    A professional Scrum Product Owner demonstrates the knowledge and understanding of Scrum and the Product Owner role. He or she has the ability to apply that knowledge in real-world situations.

    The four employees who have currently been certified are Satyendra Kumar Singh, technical architect, and project managers Marie Wärn, Ullas M and Suresh Kumar R.

    “I realized that the Product owner role is complex. You have to listen to all the stakeholders’ needs and make sure the product meets their expectations, but also focus on the MVP and ROI”, Marie says.

    “It has deepened our understanding of the client side, and what challenges the client faces pushing the product and the specifications forward. The course has given us knowledge and tools to identify the important tasks and to prioritize the needed ones. It has also given an in depth understanding of how to handle sprints, review and retrospective meetings”, Suresh says.

    “As a project manager at Indpro, you need to handle many parts of the software life cycle. The course helped to fine tune our skills, and gave us an advantage in managing the projects”, he adds.

  • Watch video of how it works here