• Rishi and Ullas – two employees returning to Indpro

    Rishi Dhupia.

    After years away from the team, Ullas M and Rishi Dhupia have rejoined the company.

    “Even though I’ve been away, I always kept in touch with my colleagues and Pavel [Indpro’s CEO]”, Ullas says.

    During his time away from Indpro, Ullas ran a startup with friends. The team built a product on tuition.

    “I was leading the technical team and it strengthened my knowledge in AWS and Angular. I have also started learning node.js and React native”, Ullas explains.

    Work-life balance important

    Rishi on the other hand, has been at home with her daughter for the past few years. One reason why she decided to return to Indpro was the flexibility offered here.

    “Achieving a work-life balance is extremely important for workers whose professional interests and family obligations consume a large chunk of their time”, she says.

    Before leaving, Rishi had spent four years at Indpro. She has now taken a role as senior developer.

    “In Indpro, there’s potential for professional development and the chance for my career to grow. I’m handling a project on my own, and am developing new requirements”, Rishi says.

    Eleven years with MatHem

    Ullas had worked for eleven years with Swedish e-commerce success MatHem when he left the company. Now he has rejoined as project manager on the MatHem team.

    “Right now I am working with the Salesforce team and the IT support team. I look forward to working with my team towards deliverable goals”, Ullas says.

    Welcome back to Indpro, Rishi and Ullas!

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