• Top 10 Qualities Of A Project Manager

    Jack of everything master of none, is a perfect analogy for a project manager. The job at hand is to get the team to give its best. Consistently deliver projects on time, within the scheduled budget, meeting all the project requirements with utmost quality are the associated traits.

    So, what does it take to be the one who always exceeds expectations? Here is a list of top 10 qualities of a good project manager.


    A good project manager should have a clear cut vision of where they are headed. They should be mission driven and be able to articulate the vision to put it into action. Visionary managers envision the team with opportunities to grow, which makes them feel the need to work with increased passion and enthusiasm.


    Communication is a vital quality for a project manager. With a large team spread across multiple locations and demographics, miscommunication could prove lethal. Ability to communicate goals, performance, and expectations are vital as well as negotiation and persuasion skills.


    The project manager should ‘walk the talk’ and should be the modus operandi for the team. Qualities of honesty, integrity and loyalty are the basic necessities from a manager. They should set the example for their team and lead them from front by their actions and not by their words.


    Enthusiasm is contagious, a positive manager inspires all the time. Project managers with a can-do-anything attitude and optimism often strive to achieve the goals and grow further. Enthusiastic managers are committed to their goals and inspire the team to work towards the goal even in difficult situations.


    Empathetic managers understand their team as a group of different individuals with their own perceptions, rather than a mechanical workforce. By doing so, they develop a personal relation with the team which could prove vital. Such a team can deliver much more than what a scattered group of people can deliver.


    A good team manager should be competent in the work their team is doing. However, this does not over emphasise on the fact that they should be highly technically qualified in the work. A project manager’s competency should focus on project management skills like ability to challenge, inspire, encourage and deliver services from the team.


    Delegation is one of the most important skills a project manager should posses. As a project manager, work should be delegated to the team according to the skill sets of each member. Trusting the team’s capacity and knowing each one’s skills and amount of guidance needed can be acquired only when the manager knows the team in a personal level.

    A project manager who doesn’t trust his team usually under performs and may remain dormant without growth.


    Things may not always end up cool. A project manager should always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Keeping composed and striding past the stressful situations of deadlines and budget are necessary as a project manager. A calm and balanced state of mind without negative thoughts is needed to drive the team to the goal.

    Team Builder

    The challenging task of moulding a team from a group of varied personas and aligning them to achieve a common target is the prime responsibility of a project manager. From a group of strangers to ‘the invincible team’ the project manager should know the process and dynamics for this transformation.

    Problem Solving

    At times, even the best of project managers may find it difficult to tackle some situations. The prime thing is to understand how to track a way to the solution. This may require sharing responsibilities with the experts in the team and leveraging their knowledge, expertise and experience to solve the problem.

    Being a great project manager is to master the mentioned qualities and to use the right mix wisely at the decisive moments.

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