• What is EPiServer CMS?

    EPiServer is considered to be the world’s fastest growing company in content management and online community solutions. EPiServer is a Swedish developed publishing system which delivers a variety of web content management solutions designed to meet the requirements of any organization. EPiServer CMS allows employees to work together on a larger organisations website, as well as on intranets and extranets. EPiServer allows collaboration of shared content through intranet and extended networks. It is also the most popular intranet platform in Sweden ahead of Microsoft SharePoint.

    For Editors

    It allows work through a web browser without any requirement of additional software in the computer. Web editors need not have knowledge of HTML and other underlying technology, and generally use the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing, similar to the conventional word processing. Functionalities like editing collaborated content and commenting on the same are possible using this.

    For Marketers

    EPiServer CMS provides marketers better accessibility and visibility to their content. It allows keeping an eye on social media discussions and keeping track of who’s visited the website providing real time insights about what they are interested in. OnlineCenter, is a UI framework for EPiServer products, that allow easier navigation and integration of different products including 3rd party products. The OnlineCenter optimizes workflow for users through dashboard and gadgets.

    For Developers

    Web EPiServer CMS is based on Microsoft’s .NET platform. It has a built in Visual Studio integration which includes a code skeleton for developing templates, plug-ins and dynamic content. The plug-in architecture makes it easy to customize and extend the user interface for editors and administrators. EPiServer’s partners adapt the system and build new modules to it. They also have a developer community named EPiServer World which allows discussions in forum and support & documentation.


    What is MS SharePoint?

    SharePoint is a web application platform in the Microsoft Office Suite. It is not a program, but a collection of many different technologies collectively given a name. It combines functionalities of separate applications like intranet, extranet, content management, document management, business intelligence, workflow management, web content management and many others.

    SharePoint is a server product and it is installed on the back end and every system is connected to it. Connecting to SharePoint is through an MS Office program or a web browser. SharePoint lets you create websites, collaborate, share content, search through it, create insights and helps to build on it to extend it.

    Comparison of EPiServer and MS SharePoint

    Using SharePoint, the client receives a phenomenal support for document management, collaboration portals for project management, workflow support, web content management etc. SharePoint takes advantage of all Microsoft Office products which can be integrated to it. It requires little development, instead installation and minimal configuration is all that is required. SharePoint really aims at being a platform for B2B extranets and provides some ready-made functionalities for it. It has weak functionalities for managing multilingualism and is not designed to be an agile platform for communicative websites. It aims at collaboration between users integrating with MS Office products instead of being a fully customizable product, making it ideal for an intranet solution.

    EPiServer is designed for social publishing and have extensive ready-made functionalities such as personification and has multilingualism & multisite management options making it ideal for corporate websites. With EPiServer the client receives a custom product, based on their requirements focusing content structure and website design. EPiServer is the primary choice for a platform of vast, complex and demanding web services. EPiServer provides e-commerce solutions, however SharePoint does not provide anything for e-commerce as such. EPiServer lacks the feature rich package that you receive with SharePoint, but it enables developers to tailor the web platform to follow your requirements. EPiServer even has support for integration with SharePoint with a connector.

    EPiServer and MS SharePoint can be used hand-in-hand so that they can overcome the flaws of each other. Let EPiServer CMS manage the content and SharePoint be used for document management and collaborate sites. By integrating both we could create an unbeatable solution for a website or intranet.

  • Watch video of how it works here