IT outsourcing

The right skills for your IT development

Most companies where IT development is a vital part of the business meet the same challenges:

  • Do we have access to the right skills for realizing our IT projects?
  • Are we able to meet our customers’ demands, or is our time to market too long?
  • Do we have the time and money to recruit the right people, or train our current staff with the right skills?

Indpro delivers IT services. We have experience in developing a range of different systems, from specialized web applications for issue management, time reporting and surveillance, to development within established ERPs.

We are skilled in a number of different e-commerce platforms and e-learning solutions, we create mobile solutions and applications, and much more.

The value we create for our customers is improved time to market, sustainable long term development and growth, increased market share, and better margins thanks to lower IT spending.

When our clients let us to take care of a specific project, or fill a long term need for development resources by providing dedicated teams – it gives them more time and energy to focus on their core business, sales and business development.

  • What I like best about our team at Indpro is that they are committed. You can tell that they enjoy working with Mathem.

    • Fredrik Sewén
    • CTO Mathem

Indpro helps you to

  • Recruit the right competence for your IT projects.

  • Shorten your time to market.

  • Become more efficient – and get more IT development for your money.