En utvecklare i ett IT outsourcing team.

Your own dedicated team

Do you want to grow your IT development fast and with the right skills? We can help you build a dedicated team of the resources you need – and be up and running within 6-8 weeks.

A dedicated outsourcing team at Indpro works as an extension of your IT department. Our developers work either on-site with you, or in one of our offshore delivery centers, ODCs. They work directly with your own project managers, or with one of our Swedish technical project managers, as per your preference.

Our offshore delivery centers, ODCs, are found in several locations. The largest is in Bangalore, India, where we have a top modern office in the World Trade Center.

Our pricing model is a fixed cost per developer and month. The price varies depending on where you want your developers to work – on-site with you, or at distance from one of our ODCs.

We can offer a short termination period, starting at one month. But if you prefer a longer termination, that’s of course also possible.

Transparency is important for us, both in pricing and in methodology.

Our transparency in pricing means that you can influence the developers’ salaries.

Our transparency in methodology means that we work with agile process tools that give you full insight in the developers’ work, and which allow you to pull out time reports whenever you wish.

A dedicated team at Indpro will give you

  • A fixed monthly cost per developer.

  • Short termination period – from 1 month (you can opt for longer).

  • You chose if the developers work from your office or our ODC.