• Questions on how it works
    • What is required of us, as your clients?

      What is required of you depends on what model you chose for our cooperation – whether we set it up as project development, or if you want your own dedicated team.

      If we work in a project model, Indpro takes responsibility for the entire process, including project management. If you have your own dedicated team of developers, you will be required to spend time managing your team – or hire one of our project managers to do the job for you.

      When we begin our partnership, we will look over your needs together and agree on what model suits you best.

      No matter what model you choose, we advise that you appoint a product owner – if there isn’t one already – who can be involved in the work. And while we do not require great detail in your specifications, we do request you to be available for discussing the specs, in order to ensure we have a mutual understanding of what is to be done.

      If you are not an experienced buyer, and the specs are not entirely clear, our project manager will spend the time needed to support you in clarifying the specifications, and help you grow in your role as a buyer.


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    • How soon can we be up and running?

      It’s often possible to find the resources required amongst our current staff. In that case, we can get started within a couple of weeks. If you require specialized competence or additional recruitment, we can get started within six to eight weeks.

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    • What language do you communicate in?

      All our staff are comfortable speaking English, and therefore we prefer English to be the medium of communication. But since Indpro also has Swedish staff in our offshore delivery centers, communicating in Swedish is also possible.

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    • What kind of competences do your developers have?

      We have a broad competence base that varies from C# and Java, to web technologies and e-commerce platforms.

      All our developers also have a university degree, most often a MCA (Master of Science in Computer Applications).

      We try to have a good mix of competences and number of years of experience, but maintain mostly senior developers to ensure quality in everything we deliver.

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    • How can we ensure that the knowledge built up in our dedicated team will remain?

      Indpro is a fun company to work for, and we support our staff to grow. Because of this, we have a low turnover of staff. This enables us to maintain the same resources over a very long period of time.

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  • Questions about Indpro
    • Why should my company choose Indpro?

      Our strength is finding the right competence, commitment to the client and an understanding that our job is not just to deliver hours of development. It’s also about the value these hours create: a better time to market, and the ability for the client to focus on their core business and business development.

      Furthermore, whether we work with project development or cooperate through a dedicated team, the solutions we create for our clients are always sustainable in a long term perspective.

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    • Where are Indpro’s offices?

      Indpro’s innovation center and head office are in Kista outside Stockholm, Sweden. We also have sales offices in Boulder, USA and in Bangalore, India. Our offshore delivery centers, ODCs, are in Bangalore and in Kolkata, India. On the map on our contact page you find the addresses to all our offices.

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    • What are the working conditions like for your developers?

      All our developers have beneficial terms of employment with a 40-hour work week and four weeks paid vacation per year, on top of public holidays.

      We also enable our staff to take parental leave as well as sick leaves with children.

      We understand that our staff is our biggest strength, and therefore it’s important to us that our staff are happy and able to grow, both as individuals and as professionals.

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  • Questions about contact with Indpro
    • I’ve put my contact info in the form on your web page. How long will I have to wait before you’ll get back to me?

      We respond to all requests within 24 hours.

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  • Questions about practical details
    • Who manages the developers – us or you?

      It depends entirely on your need. Indpro can assist with project management, but you can also opt for managing it yourselves. More info on how it works can be found on our pages on dedicated teams and project development.

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    • How much time will be spending leading our developers?

      If you choose to lead the team yourselves, count on approximately 16 hours per developer and month.

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    • What time zones are your offices in?

      Our offshore delivery centers, ODCs, in India are on IST, which GMT+4,5 during daylight savings time, and GMT+5,5 during the rest of the year.

      Our offices in the US are on CST, which is GMT-6.

      Our office in Kista is on CET, which is GMT+1.

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