What technologies do our IT consultants master?

We have extensive experience of developing in various languages and on different platforms, both back-end and front-end development.

Within back-end development we primarily work with:

  • .Net
  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • js

Within front-end-development we use various modern frameworks, for example:

  • React
  • Angular
  • js

What characterizes our IT consultants?

Creative – suggest solutions.

Independent – need no handholding.

Helps the client forward. Our IT consultants provide the expertise you need.

We offer our IT consultants freedom under responsibility, which gives our clients driven and experienced developers. Responsiveness and the ability to ask the right questions are other important qualities when we recruit.

On-site and off-site

Our biggest development centre is in Bangalore, India. In Sweden our office is in Kista. Many of our developers are available for work on-site at the client’s European office. We regularly bring IT consultants to Europe for shorter as well as longer assignments on-site.

IT services

We offer system development, web development and mobile development. Our co-operations are often long-term, where the client has their own team of IT consultants that functions as an integrated part of the IT department.

Our IT consultants often work closely with the client’s own team of developers, to develop complex IT services.

In how much detail must the client specify?

We have an agile work process, which means that we prioritize communication over documentation. We have Swedish project managers that support communication and facilitate the co-operation between team and client. Our project managers also help our clients to produce clear specs.

Our processes and our methodology are created to achieve clarity in communication, for the best result.

IT consultants


What language is used in the co-operation?

We have Swedish staff on-site in our development centre in Bangalore, and always offer Swedish project management. Our developers are English speaking and all documentation is in English.

When recruiting, we look for developers with global work experience. Many of our IT consultants are used to developing IT services for European as well as American clients.

Lack of competence in the IT industry

In Sweden, where Indpro was founded, there is a huge lack of competence in the IT industry. Developers, system analysts, IT architects are all examples of professions where the number of available engineers cannot meet the demand.

For many companies, it is not only difficult to recruit developers to the internal IT department, it is also becoming increasingly difficult to find IT consultants with the right skillsets.

This is the challenge that Indpro helps in solving.

By offering Swedish project managers with clear communication and deliveries of Scandinavian quality, we give European companies access to global competence. So that European companies can continue to develop successful IT services.

Indpro helps you grow!

Increasing number of Indian IT consultants in Sweden

The past few years, the number of Indian IT consultants to gain work permit in Sweden has increased dramatically. Tens of thousands of Indian engineers come to Sweden to deliver IT Services from Swedish companies. They meet the increasing demand of skilled labour in the IT industry. According to the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, high education level and a good command of English is what makes Indian IT consultants so attractive on the Swedish labour market.

IT consultants


 Why hire IT consultants?

There are several reasons why companies hire IT consultants. One is that you want flexibility in cost, and be able to scale down, or up, quickly. This lowers the financial risk in the company.

Another reason is that the organization needs special skills to a limited extent, and therefore does not want to employ. It can also be motivated by needing more resources during a work peak.

Yet another reason so hire IT consultants is that you simply have not been able to recruit the competence you need. This reason is increasingly common, as the lack of competence worsens.

IT consultants as a part of the IT department

Many of our clients want to hire IT consultants on a long-term basis. These developers become a consistent part of the company’s own IT department.

Our clients often hire a group of two, three, sometimes up to fifteen developers, that form a team. The developers work from our development centre, but they can also be based at the client’s office either for a limited time, or permanently.

The advantage of having your own team of developers is that you create a long-term co-operation. This increases efficiency and builds knowledge. Our low retainment enables our clients to work with the same developers for many years.

Regardless of why your organisation needs IT consultants, we do everything we can to find the resources you need.