Over 250 satisfied clients globally

Indpro – a Swedish IT company with global delivery

At Indpro, we have four guiding principles:


  Long-term co-operations  Good communication  Responsive

Our clients call us committed. We don’t work with IT – we work with people. Our agile teams co-operate with our clients using best practice SCRUM methodology. We know what it takes for the communication between client and developers to flow seamlessly.


Flexible Resources Dedicated Teams  Quick recruitment

We have close to 100 employees, which allows us to quickly find the right resources for our clients. We also have a thorough and reliable recruitment process which allows our clients to quickly staff up their teams when their businesses grow or when there is a temporary increase in workload.


Swedish Project Management Proven Processes Good References

Our business model is aimed at eliminating the most common challenges in software development, such as communication issues and contextual misunderstandings. We use blended teams where technically skilled Swedish project managers form a bridge between clients and developers.


Excellence Satisfied Staff Agile Development

We work hard to attract the best competence, and our employees stay with us for a long time. We apply the same Swedish personnel politics at all our offices, regardless of location. We erase hierarchies, and we listen to our employees’ career development needs.

The Indpro Way – together we can create world-class IT projects.

  • Watch video of how it works here

How does it work?

Requirement analysis
Proposed solution
Start of project
Development and delivery
Follow up and improvements
  • Indpro is a good offshoring partner that can really help you getting started. They are solutions oriented with great commitment to their clients.
    • Arne Fridmar
    • CTO, Exicom
Fredrik Sewén
  • What I like best about our team at Indpro is that they are committed. You can tell that they enjoy working with Mathem.
    • Fredrik Sewén
    • CTO Mathem
  • Indpro’s developers enabled us to speed up the product development and increased our ability to expand our product portfolio
    • Andreas Nõu
    • Product Director, Time Care AB
  • Indpro are very easy to communicate with, both developers as well as management. Which is a prerequisite for a good end result
    • Alexander Undén
    • Förskoleappen
  • “The team has been passionate about the project since day one, and we have worked together closely. I don’t think our platform would have turned out this good with a different partner.
    • Johannes Ekblad
    • CTO & Founder, Fenix begravning
  • It’s easy to work with Indpro. They are committed, they don’t complicate stuff and they inspire confidence. On top of that, they’re fair – and that’s important in a long term partnership.
    • Jan Josephson
    • Co-founder and CTO, op5
  • We had numerous reasons for wanting to set up a web shop, and Indpro immediately felt like the right provider for us. They don’t only give us quality development, it’s also about knowledge and providing us the right guidance.
    • Fredrik Navjord
    • CEO, Metric Industrial AB
  • Indpro has given us muscle in our development, something we did not have on our own. Additionally, we now have better control over requirements, planning and quality.
    • Jan Gezelius
    • CTO, iBinder Pärmen AB
  • A success factor is that Indpro and their developers also takes the time to understand why, not just what is being developed. That gives a better understanding and a better result every time
    • Per Torstensson
    • Project lead & Business development, Senab
  • Since we were a startup with a very good idea but limited money, Indpro was a very suitable partner. With their help we managed to launch our product while still keeping our budget.
    • Emanuel Nyberg
    • CEO, Assistansboken Sverige AB
Pavel Siddique
  • Our commitment is our strength. We don’t just want to deliver IT – we want to create value. For the client of course, but also for the client’s client.
    • Pavel Siddique
    • Pavel Siddique, CEO Indpro
  • Indpro and their dedicated team have a long term horizon. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with them over several years.
    • Pär Hagberg
    • Avdelningschef BIM- och GISavdelningen, Tyréns AB
  • It would have been too big a challenge for us to develop the new version of QuickPick without the help of Indpro.
    • Mikael Andersson
    • CEO, Qsys Sverige AB
  • Indpro understands our business and it works like a true long term partnership
    • Hans Nottehed
    • CTO, Info24 / Tingcore